How to strengthen intimacy with my partner?

Strengthening intimacy with your partner should not simply start from sex, what you do and do not do, because it is also important to be honest with each other

How to get my ex back in 8 steps

Getting your ex back will be easy depending on how the relationship ended, so below we will show you how to get my ex back ex in 8 steps

What happens if I get back together with my ex after a long time?

Going back to my ex after a long time is an issue that can turn our heads as long as the relationship has been pleasant and calm.

How to get over divorce?

Overcoming divorce is a difficult stage to overcome, so we will give you some recommendations that will help you to overcome this difficult moment.

Why do we fall in love with the wrong person?

Although for us it means falling in love with the wrong person, it does not mean that this is a bad class, it is simply not the profile we want and seek.

How to remove jealousy from the relationship?

Eliminating jealousy from the relationship is complicated when you are with a manipulative person, that is why it is important that before formalizing they know each other well.

How to surprise my partner?

If you realize, to surprise your partner you don't need a lot of effort or a lot of money, everything is the love you have for that special person.

Why not get back with my ex?

Getting back together with your ex makes you miss out on meeting someone else who will probably make you feel better than your ex.

How to strengthen the couple relationship?

Strengthening the relationship should be an aspect to take into account all the time, especially if there is still mutual love but the relationship is not at its best.

How long does the infatuation stage last in a couple?

the stage of falling in love between a couple lasts between six months to a year, during this phase people begin to have a series of changes in their body

What happens to our brain when we are cheated on?

Well, what happens to the brain when they are unfaithful to us? infidels develop dopamine differently, whose substance is related to pleasure,

Basic topics that every couple should talk about

In a relationship it is necessary to have fundamental topics that every couple should talk about to strengthen the relationship, establish their tastes, talk about both and others.